GNSS Antenna Calibration

GNSS-based applications for positioning, navigation and time/frequency transfer depend directly on the precision of the measuring instruments being used. Prerequisite is a consistent and precise calibration which describes the characteristics of the sensors in use.

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Calibration of GNSS receiver antennas with a robotic arm (Hannover principle)
© FBG / C. Bierwagen
Calibration of a Rover antenna using the Hannover-technique

The methodic technical progress of calibration procedures concentrates increasingly not only on geodetic precision antenna and precision receivers, but also on mass-market products, which are integrated into a large number of navigation sensors. A significantly increased efficiency of individual GNSS-instruments can be achieved through consistent calibration.

The group concentrates on the expansion and development of robotic techniques for the calibration of GNSS-receiving antennas for new GNSS-signals and frequencies and the estimation of antenna characteristics on geodetic parameter (position, time, troposphere).

Topics of the Working Group

  • Determination of Antenna Phase Center Corrections (PCC) and Improvement of the GNSS PCC Modelling
  • Determination and Analysis of the Antenna's Near Field Effect on GNSS Processing
  • Determination of Code Phase Variations (CPV, also known as Group Delay Variations - GDV)
History of Antenna Calibration in Hannover
Analysis of GNSS-Antenna Characteristics
GNSS Antenna Calibration Center

The Institute of Geodesy cooperates with the International GNSS Service (IGS) as a recognized institution for the calibration of GNSS-receiver antennas. Close collaboration with internationally recognized calibration institutions is maintained as well (Geo++, SenStadtUm Berlin and Bezirksregierung Köln / Universität Bonn)

The institute also works with international and national working groups specializing in the realisation of international standards and regulations for precise GNSS-based navigation and positioning.



Links to Published GNSS-Antenna Calibration Files
  • International GNSS Service (IGS)
  • Geo++ GmbH
  • National Geodetic Service (NGS)
  • European Permanent Network (EPN)