GNSS and Inertial Navigation

The research of the working group Positioning and Navigation is aiming at the improvement of GNSS-based positioning and the development of innovative and alternative strategies for navigation.

© IfE / C. Bischof
Static investigation of a 4-antenna system in preparation of kinematic measurements.
© IfE / T. Kersten
Kinematic Analysis of a 4-antenna system using a robotic arm for the description of a reference trajectory

Our theoretical applications are validated through special experiments and implemented into an evaluation software developed at the institute. The focus of our work is on three main subjects.

GNSS Navigation

  • Precise Clock Modelling and Analysis of high precise external Oscillators on the GNSS Processing Chain
  • Virtual receiver for navigation approaches (inland vessels, airplane, LEO formation flights)
  • Alternative approaches for Integrity using interval mathematics
  • Navigation und positioning in difficult environments
  • Use of alternative platforms (e.g. smartphones, KATE)

GNSS Monitoring and Kinematic Orbit Determination

Inertial Navigation, Filtering and Transient Processes

  • Quantum sensors for inertial navigation
  • Development of filter models
  • Transient processes and turbulences in the atmosphere