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Absolutschweremessungen in Dänemark

Absolute gravimetry in Denmark

Led by:  Dr.-Ing. Ludger Timmen
Team:  Dipl.-Ing. Olga Gitlein
Year:  2003
Date:  12-01-11
Is Finished:  yes

In cooperation with the Danish National Space Centre (DNSC) and the Danish National Survey (KMS), an absolute gravimetric campaign was carried out in Denmark (9-21 June 2005). The objectives of these joint measurement projects, which have been carried out since 1986, are as follows:

  1. creation and maintenance of a national baseline network with absolute date definition,
  2. monitoring of the geometric deformations of the earth's crust due to the post-glacial land uplift and the associated changes in gravity,
  3. monitoring of the vertical stability of important sea level gauges.

The stations Smidstrup and Suldrup were newly equipped and measured with the FG5-220 absolute gravimeter. These two station determinations were carried out in the tent on a 1.3 x 1.3 m² concrete foundation.

After 1986 (Jilga-3, IfE) and 2003 (FG5-220, IfE) the station Helsingør (56° land elevation line, east-west profile) could be occupied again. Another new station was set up at the University of Copenhagen. The planned stations Esbjerg and Hirtshals were explored. The GPS measuring pillars (height over 4 m) with permanent GPS are already there.