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Alternative Integritätsmaße mittels Intervallmathematik (GRK 2159, Thema 1)

Alternative Integrity Measures Based on Interval Mathematics (GRK 2159, Topic 1)

Leaders:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Schön
Team:  M.Sc. Hani Dbouk
Year:  2016
Sponsors:  DFG
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This project deals with the development of alternative integrity measures based on interval mathematic, fuzzy theory and imprecise random variables.

For the typical sensors used in our central experimentation facility, remaining systematics have to be bound by error bands and subsequently by intervals. The theoretical studies have to be validated by dedicated experiments. In a next step, these error contributions must be transferred to the estimated parameters and navigation states in order to derive guaranteed bounds.

In addition to the interval extension of the classical estimators and the determination of rotation invariant uncertainty regions by zonotopes, the focus is on set inversion methods. Furthermore, the advantages of this approach, compared to the classical pure stochastic integrity description, should be highlighted. Rules of thumb and best practice procedures should be proposed for multi-sensor systems used in the central experimentation facility. This topic is linked and interacts with the topic on filtering (2) representation in maps (3,8) and the time uncertainty treated by topic 9.