Bachelor and Master Theses

Bachelor and Master Theses

Here are some examples for themes of bachelor and master theses. They are not predetermined and can be adapted to your own preferences and ideas, in consultation with your supervisor. Own concepts based on entirely different topics are welcome, too.

Standortanalyse urbaner GNSS-Permanentstationen (B.Sc.)

Analysis of GRACE monthly solutions

A Kalman filter for satellite attitude determination (M. Sc.)

Geoid-quasigeoid separation in mountain areas (Himalaya, Colorado) (M.Sc.)

Untersuchungen zur hochauflösenden Geoid- und Quasigeoidmodellierung (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

Non-gravitational spacecraft accelerations during penumbra transitions (M.Sc.)

Bestimmung von nominellen Signal-Rauschverhältnis-Kurven für verschiedene Antennen-Empfänger-Kombinationen (B.Sc.)

Investigation of ocean tide models in the analysis of Lunar Laser Ranging data (M.Sc.)

Investigation of best possible location for a new retro-reflector on the Moon (M.Sc.)

Einsatz und Analyse von GNSS-Lowcost-Permanentstationen

GNSS time series analysis for a high-quality permanent station (B.Sc.)

Outlier tests for the analysis of Lunar Laser Ranging data

Towards a quality assessment of GNSS antenna calibration values (M.Sc.)

Comparison of different spaceborne gradiometer concepts (M.Sc.)

High-integrity GNSS/IMU localization using interval analysis (M.Sc.)

Simulation Studies for Future Satellite Gravity Missions (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

Smartphone based GNSS observations from kinematic applications (B.Sc.)

Information and Templates for Degree Theses

Metadata for Bachelor- & Master Theses
  • As a preparation for the writing of your thesis it might be advantagous to take a ZQS-course (key competencies) to learn more about scientific methods
  • Degree theses are given to one person only
  • A short summary in English and German and an affidavit are to be placed before the thesis
    The complete procedure includes the written part of the thesis and a colloquium open to all members of the university with a duration of ca. 20 minutes, followed by a discussion
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