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GNSS and Navigation

Antennas during Navigation Campaign
Shaker Experiment
Receiver Equipment during Navigation Campaign

Research Projects | Overview

Antenna Calibration

  • Determination of Antenna Phase Center Corrections (PCC) and Improvement of the GNSS PCC Modelling
  • Determination and Analysis ofthe  Antenna's Near Field Effect on GNSS Processing
  • Determination of Code Phase Variations (CPV, also known as Group Delay Variations - GDV)

GNSS Navigation

  • Precise Clock Modelling and Analysis of high precise external Oscillators on the GNSS Processing Chain
  • Virtual receiver for navigation approaches (inland vessels, aiplane, LEO formation flights)
  • Alternative approaches for Integrity using interval mathematics
  • Navigation und Positionierung in difficult enviornments (with Androids, ublox, etc)

GNSS Positioning, turbulence theory and orbit modeling of LEO satellites

Inertial Navigation

  • Quantum sensors as inertial navigation sensors

Research Projects | Details

For further Information to the current projects please use the Link below.