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LaTeX Document Processing

LaTeX is a sophisticated document processing system for professional typesetting of documents. To summarise, LaTex is

  • a programmable desktop publishing environment that automates the most of typesettings by makro commands,
  • produces beautiful and consistent documents and sets formulars optimal in a text environment,
  • works as WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) system.

Once getting familiar with LaTeX, you will miss it since:

  • it's free of charge and works on alls OEMs like Macs, Windows, Unix/Linux,
  • LaTeX source code consists of ASCII text files that save you from big files,
  • changing styles is easier and more compfortable than under Word/open office products.

Additionally to that, LaTeX helpd and encourages you to a structured writing. You keep the overview and consistency for complex documents as the style and the conent are separated from each other.

The links and hints collected on this and subordinted websites provide you valuable references to assist your text and image processing with LaTeX.

LaTeX Assistance

For those of you, being familiar to the german language, the LaTeX-screencasts by Axel Schnitger provide a very detailled introduction to the topic on LaTeX document processing.

Further information as well as manuals in english language for LaTeX text processing and PGF/TIKZ image processing can be found on the following pages.