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The institute of geodesy in the cluster of excellence QUEST

Physical surface of our planet Earth.
Physical surface of our planet Earth, source: ESA.

The Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research (QUEST) is investigating the application of latest technologies in quantum physics for precise measurements. Novel sensors such as laser interferometers, atomic gravimeters or atomic clocks facilitate an improvement of the measurements by several orders of magnitude. This provides new possibilities and challenges for future observations in many scientific disciplines.

Projects within the QUEST initiative

The Excellence Cluster is a very successful Element within the Geodetic Scientific Community. Several Projects are funded by the QUEST Cluster. Please follow the link below for further information.

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

The first QUEST interdisciplinary lecture series started in summer 2009 with the title Space-Time Physics in QUEST: Basics, Experiments and Technologies. The lecture series are prior orientated  but not limited to the QUEST PhD students and servitors. All who are interested in this field of research are kindly asked to attend the lectures.