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Terrestrial Gravimetry

The perception of "gravimetry" is a mixture of two clear defined words: from the Latin word gravitas = gravity and the Greek word τ μέτρονdimension/measurement and means "gravity measurement".

Gravimetry is the metrology of the gravity measurement or in other words the metrology of the measurement of the acceleration of gravity on the Earth's surface. By means of gravity measurements the Earth Gravity Field is determined by terrestrial methods. 

The determination of the gravity field by means of satellite observations is part of satellite geodesy.

Gravimetry is of importance for geodesy, geophysics and geodynamics as well as for space flight.

  • Geodesy: height and geoid determination
  • Geophysics and Geodynamics: research of the interior of the Earth and its movements, mass displacements inside the Earth's body and deformation of its surface, density models of the Earth, exploration of natural resources 
  • Space flights: orbit determination of space craft

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