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Kersten, T., Kröger, J., Breva, Y., & Schön, S. (2021). On the Role of GNSS Receivers for Antenna Patterns and Parameter Estimations. Abstract von vEGU21: Gather Online.,
Kersten, T., Breva, Y., Kröger, J., & Schön, S. (2021). The receiver antenna as a bottleneck in GNSS - assessing effects on geodetic parameters. Geo-monitoring with low-cost, mass-market, and consumer-grade sensors, Kanpur, Indien.
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Knabe, A., Schilling, M., Wu, H., HosseiniArani, S. A., Müller, J., Beaufils, Q., & Dos Santos, F. P. (2021). The Benefit of Accelerometers based on Cold Atom Interferometry for Future Satellite Gravity Missions. IAG 2021, Beijing, China.
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Kröger, J., Breva, Y., Kersten, T., & Schön, S. (2021). Are Phase Center Corrections Identical for Identical Frequencies from Different GNSS?. Beitrag in FIG e-Working Week 2021, Niederlande.
Kröger, J., Kersten, T., Breva, Y., & Schön, S. (2021). Impact of Multi-GNSS Antenna-Receiver Calibrations in the Coordinate Domain. Abstract von EGU General Assembly 2021.
Kröger, J., Kersten, T., Breva, Y., & Schön, S. (2021). Multi-frequency multi-GNSS receiver antenna calibration at IfE: concept - calibration results - validation. Advances in Space Research, 68(12), 4932-4947.
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O´Connor, M. C., Ruwisch, F., Kersten, T., Skupin, C., Ren, L., Wübbena, T., & Schön, S. (2021). Low-latency GNSS multipath simulator for real-time applications in autonomous driving. in J. M. Cecilia, & F. J. Martinez (Hrsg.), 2021 IEEE/ACM 25th International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT)
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Ruwisch, F., Ren, L., Skupin, C., Kersten, T., O´Connor, M. C., Schön, S., & Wübbena, T. (2021). Analysis of the Carrier Phase Multipath Error in the Context of Correction Maps for Urban Navigation. Postersitzung präsentiert bei Navigation 2021, Edinburgh, Großbritannien / Vereinigtes Königreich.
Schaper, A. (2021). Improving GNSS Shadow Matching with Diffraction Modelling. [Masterarbeit, Institut für Erdmessung].
Schaper, A., Lin, Q., Janecki, K. S., Mußgnug, D., Heiken, M. L., Chawda, V., Icking, L. L., Kröger, J., & Schön, S. (2021). Improving Multi-GNSS Solutions with 3D Building Model and Tree Information. Beitrag in FIG e-Working Week 2021, Niederlande.
Schilling, M., Knabe, A., Wu, H., & Müller, J. (2021). Cold atom interferometer accelerometry for future satellite gravimetry missions. 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Sydney, New South Wales, Australien.