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DFG approves Collaborative Research Centre 1464 TerraQ

DFG approves Collaborative Research Centre 1464 TerraQ

Determination of mass variations in North America via satellite gravimetry: Blue areas mark ice mass losses in Alaska and Greenland.

The German Research Foundation decided yesterday to fund the proposed Collaborative Research Centre "TerraQ - Relativistic and Quantum-Based Geodesy" for the next four years. The SFB brings together expertise in physics and geodesy in a unique way to develop quantum-based measurement concepts that can record the mass distribution on Earth at a temporal and spatial resolution never achieved before. 

The spokesperson of the research association of LUH, PTB, DLR, GFZ, HCU, ZARM and TU Graz is Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Müller from the Institute of Geodesy, telephone +49 511 762 3362, e-mail 

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