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Swarm Accelerometer Data

Swarm Accelerometer Data

The Level 1B accelerometer data are converted to level 2 data, so that the physically conditioned orbital variations are clearly observable.

Swarm is the first ESA constellation mission of three satellites for Earth observation from space, each equipped with a set of identical instruments: absolute scalar magnetometer, vector field magnetometer, star tracker, electric field instrument, Langmuir probe, GPS receiver, laser retro-reflector and accelerometer.

As partner of ESA’s Swarm Data, Science and Innovation Cluster (DISC) program IfE computes corrected measurement time series for the Swarm accelerometer (currently for Swarm C), which are available for users through the Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS).

The data sets consist of

  • Calibrated, corrected accelerometer data (ACCCCAL_2)
  • Metadata about corrected disturbances
  • Validation reports (ACCCVAL_2)
Access to Calibrated SWARM Acceleration Data
Access to Validation Reports