Regional Validation and Combination of GOCE Gravity Field Models and Terrestrial Data

authored by
Christian Voigt, Heiner Denker

High-precision terrestrial gravity field data sets in Germany and Europe are utilized to validate recent global gravity field models (GGMs), emphasizing the progress with respect to the latest GOCE GGM releases. The agreement between the release 3 GOCE GGMs and terrestrial data up to degree and order 200 is about 5.5 cm for height anomalies, 1.7 mGal for gravity anomalies, and 0.55" for vertical deflections, respectively, being fully compatible with the relevant error estimates. Furthermore, results from the combination of the GOCE GGMs with terrestrial gravity data in Europe sets are outlined, showing that especially the release 3 GGMs adequately represent the long wavelength gravity field structures, with further improvements expected from the next GGM releases.

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