International Timescales with Optical Clocks (ITOC)

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H. S. Margolis, R. M. Godun, P. Gill, L. A.M. Johnson, S. L. Shemar, P. B. Whibberley, D. Calonico, F. Levi, L. Lorini, M. Pizzocaro, P. Delva, S. Bize, J. Achkar, H. Denker, L. Timmen, C. Voigt, S. Falke, D. Piester, C. Lisdat, U. Sterr, S. Vogt, S. Weyers, J. Gersl, T. Lindvall, M. Merimaa

A new collaborative European project 'International timescales with optical clocks' (ITOC) aims to tackle the key challenges that must be addressed prior to a redefinition of the SI second. A coordinated programme of comparisons will be carried out between European optical clocks developed in five different laboratories, enabling their performance levels to be validated at an unprecedented level of accuracy. Supporting work will be carried out to evaluate relativistic effects that influence the comparisons, including the gravitational redshift of the clock transition frequencies. A proof-of-principle experiment will also be performed to demonstrate that optical clocks could be used to make direct measurements of the Earth's gravity potential with high temporal resolution.

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