High-Rate GPS Velocity and Acceleration Determination in Highly Dynamic Flights

authored by
C. Bischof, S. Schön

GPS receivers typically have update rates of at least 1 Hz at which error characteristics are relatively well known. Therefore, the update rate is usually well below the bandwidth of the phase lock loop, which in theory, when neglecting the impact of atmospheric fluctuations or multipath, results in stochastically independent carrier phase measurements. However, for GPS receivers with update rates up to 100 Hz, the probability of correlations stemming from the receiver is severely increased. Consequently, its impact on high rate position, velocity and acceleration estimates need to be assessed. This contribution investigates the stochastic characteristics of GPS L1 double difference, GPS D1 Doppler and time-differenced GPS D1 Doppler measurements during static and kinematic periods, for measurement update rates from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. This information is used to set up a position, velocity, acceleration and time Extended Kalman Filter. Systematic errors during high dynamic stress situations are then characterized based on the comparison of the PVAT EKF solution against an IMU derived solution in a controlled environment of a shaking table. Finally, preliminary acceleration results from a short section of a flight trajectory are shown.

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