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Transportable quantum gravimeter (CRC 1128, A01)

Transportable quantum gravimeter (CRC 1128, A01)

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Jürgen Müller, Prof. Dr. Ernst M. Rasel
Team:  Maral Sahelgozin
Year:  2014
Funding:  DFG
Is Finished:  yes
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Atom-interferometer-based gravimeters have been showing impressive results in highly precise and accurate gravity measurements for ground-based Earth observation.

The transportable quantum gravimeter will perform absolute gravimetry with quasi-continuous measurements beyond state-ofthe-art performance by combining the advantages of current so-called classical absolute gravimeters (highly accurate gravity measurement) and continuously measuring devices (low drifts over long times and gravity measurement repeatability). It will thereby fill an important gap in the range of gravity sensors and thus enable monitoring oceanic, atmospheric and hydrological mass variations as well as solid Earth processes.

Compared to present transportable atom interferometers the quantum gravimeter combines for the first time a variety of innovations in a transportable device such as an atom-chip based source and novel interferometer types. Employing an atom source, which produces ultra-cold samples of atoms with temperatures below the µK regime or at quantum degeneracy, the transportable gravimeter can utilize atomic ensembles with very low divergence. This strongly reduces bias effects in the gravity measurement currently limiting interferometers based on laser-cooled atoms.

Corresponding Scientists

Maral Sahelgozin (IQO)

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