IAG Joint Working Group 2.1

Relativistic Geodesy: Towards a new geodetic technique

The International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Joint Working Group (JWG) 2.1 has been established in 2016 to bring together experts from geodesy and time/frequency metrology to review and develop concepts and ideas on relativistic geodesy. The group activities are triggered by the recent fundamental progress both in atomic clocks and in long-distance frequency transfer.

On this website, the group shares information on its activities and related topics.

Chair: Jakob Flury (Germany)
Vice-chair: Gerard Petit (France)

Terms of Reference (ToR)
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First Meeting

May 15-16, 2017, Leibniz Universität Hannover


2nd Meeting

October 10-11, 2018, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, Sèvres, France


Jakob FluryLeibniz University Hannover, Germany (chair)
Gerard Petit BIPM, France (co-chair)
Claude Boucher Bureau des Longitudes, France
Jürgen Müller Leibniz Univeristy Hannover, Germany
Christian Lisdat PTB, Germany
Piet Schmidt PTB, Germany
Gesine Grosche PTB, Germany
Claus Lämmerzahl ZARM Germany
Pacome Delva Observatoire de Paris, France
Paul-Eric Pottie Observatoire de Paris, France
Marie-Francoise Lalancette Observatoire de Paris, France
Pieter Visser TU Delft, The Netherlands
Nikos Pavlis National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, USA
Bijunath Patla NIST, USA
Pascale Defraigne Royal Observatory, Belgium
Geoffrey Blewitt University of Nevada, US
Pavel Novak University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
Sergei Kopeikin University of Missouri, US
Davide Calonico INRIM, Italy
Chris Hughes National Oceanography Centre, UK
Elena Mazurova Moscow State Univ. of Geodesy and Cartography, Russia